Employee Concerns

Metropolitan Response to Employee and Workplace Concerns

The California State Auditor has issued its report on Metropolitan’s handling of EEO complaints from 2004 to 2021 as well as hiring practices, the independence and authority of the Ethics office, safety program, and maintenance of workforce housing at Metropolitan’s desert facilities. In accepting these recommendations, Metropolitan commits to swiftly implementing these actions to address the deficiencies identified in the report.

These actions build on the work underway to address an independent review of our Equal Employment Opportunity policies and practices, in response to comments made by employees about instances of sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct.

The following documents are related to findings by both the state audit and the independent review.

Assessment of Workplace Concerns

State Auditor’s Report (April 2022) 

Full Report  | Progress Dashboard

Metropolitan’s Report on State Audit Implementation (June 2023)

Independent Review of Workplace Concerns (July 2021)  

Full Report | Executive Summary | Progress Dashboard